Ko wai au,

Ko Tarawera te maunga, Ko Tangiwao-o-te-Atua te moana, Ko te Puarenga to awa, Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Te Arawa te Iwi, Ko Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao te hapu
Ko Te Pakira te Marae
No Rotorua ahau
Ko Kanea toku ingoa

I am a proud Māori Nurse making a difference in the lives that surround me.
I graduated Bachelor of Nursing in 2013
Since graduating I have worked as a nurse in
• Aged Care both in Auckland and Rotorua
• First Response in Australia
• Speciality Nursing in Well Child Tamariki Ora in Rotorua
• Primary Health Care in Rotorua.

If there is one thing I could give back to the iwi, it would be my time and compassion to nurse them to achieve their health goals.
Planting the seed and making memories in people’s lives is priceless. Seeing the shine in their eyes and a smile from cheek to cheek is more valuable than money is self. Being a part of life from the beginning to the end and everything in between is something to cherish, to hold and learn from those experiences. I am hoping to continue my love for nursing for decades to come.