Rotorua Community Youth Centre and Rotovegas Youth Health is excited to announce their new name ‘Taiohi Tūrama – Rotorua Centre for Youth’. The new name reflects the organisation’s commitment to providing a brighter future for the youth of Rotorua all under the one umbrella.

Our new name, ‘Taiohi Tūrama – Rotorua Centre for Youth’, gifted by local kaumātua Kingi Biddle, better reflects our ambitious vision that Rotorua youth reach their full potential.


Understanding our new name – Taiohi Tūrama

‘Taiohi’ means young person, youth or juvenile. Tūrama means to make something visible or bright i.e. a beacon or lighthouse (Tū – stand, Rama – illuminate). This “Beacon” (Tūrama) being the unwavering shining light that attracts all youth to our whare, and also supports taiohi aspirations i.e. seeing the light, opening their eyes or lighting the pathway forward for them.

This video explains the new name gifted by Kingi.

Understanding our new logo

Our brand-new logo depicts the life spark or Mauri in all young people, held and supported by a range of mana enhancing youth services. It also alludes to crossroads, an x-marks the spot, and of course the glowing beacon that is Taiohi Tūrama – Rotorua Centre for Youth.


The organisation’s mission and values will remain the same, as is our commitment to stakeholder relationships, partnership and innovation. We will continue to operate as a Youth One Stop Shop delivering a range of holistic youth services including primary health care services, primary mental health and addictions services, coaching and wellbeing support, employment support, youth development programmes, mentoring and more; all tailored to meet the individual needs of our taiohi.