A brand new programme has been launched aimed at supporting successful re-engagement with, and transition through, the educational journey of young people (12-15).

Taiohi Tupuranga uses a holistic approach that enables comprehensive needs assessment and support to address those needs; and enable young people to experience a range of youth development opportunities including outdoor experiential learning, team activities, creative programmes, and health and wellbeing services and support.

Youth will be supported by youth workers/mentors to achieve their individual pathway plans and reinforce the skills and competencies learned through the workshops as part of their holistic development.

This 10-week programme consisting of face-to-face workshops and coaching/mentoring sessions tailored to the needs of each group and individual young person. Experienced youth workers use a holistic youth development based approach to deliver team activities, creative programmes, health and wellbeing services and support, individualised pathway plans, skills and competency workshops, and outdoor experiential learning to motivate young people to stay engaged in their educational journey.

More about this programme, as well as the referral process can be found here.