The Rotorua Youth Centre has been approached by Oranga Tamariki to undertake a new area of work, ‘Transition to Adulthood’.

The Rotorua Youth Centre will join a handful of other Rotorua organisations to support eligible rangatahi on their path to adulthood and long term wellbeing. This will include preparation for their transition from care or youth justice; provide proactive contact and support as they establish themselves; and assist rangatahi to further develop their skills and achieve independence.

The outcomes of the service include:

  • More young people have safe and stable living arrangements
  • More young people have the life skills they need to thrive as adults
  • More young people are healthy and recovering from trauma
  • More young people have a trusted adult in their lives and are engaged with family, cultural and community groups
  • More young people are in education, employment or volunteering
  • Reduced disparities in outcomes and experiences for tamariki Māori and their whānau
  • Children and young people feel more listened to and understood

Meet Jordyn

Jordyn has been with the Rotorua Youth Centre since May 2021 and has recently taken on the role of the Transitions youth worker helping young people that have been in care transition back to whanau/independency.

Jordyn is Tokelauan/Maori born and raised in Rotorua who has a strong passion for working with youth and helping them achieve their goals and be happy.