The Westpac Business Awards is a very prestigious awards ceremony which celebrates business, community, environment and innovation.


The Rotorua Youth Centre was encouraged to apply for the Community Organisation Award. 

After a very lengthy and self-reflective application process, the team were given the opportunity to present in front of the judges. Knees shaking, our team did a great job of representing our organisation and describing to the judges the work that we do in our community.

On the 15th of October at the Energy Events Centre, 18 of our team including trustees, staff, volunteers and young people dressed up to represent our organisation at the awards ceremony. And then the announcement was made! 

‘And the winner of the Westpac Community Business Awards goes to…. The Rotorua Youth Centre’!

The entire team made its way to the stage to accept the award and celebrate being awesome!

We cannot emphasise enough the amazing team of dedicated, hardworking, and passionate people we have on our staff, board and volunteer base. And this award is a wonderful way to recognise this hard work. 

Congratulations one and all!